Cricket and Terrorism

A Question for the audience:

Can terrorism (in any form) ever end Cricket in Pakistan, or around the world?

Have your say.  I will be writing about this shortly but I’d like to read what you think?


4 thoughts on “Cricket and Terrorism

  1. Good question, and it has ended in pakistan. But terrorism has spread and no one knows what coming next and where. Its a shame really as pakistan played good cricket.

  2. Its sad what terrorism has done to Pakistan Cricket.

    In technical terms, I guess that terrorism can end cricket in Pakistan. Look at what the Sri Lankan attacks did. By attacking the one team that was prepared to go to Pakistan despite the security siution, the terrorist showed they are trying to stop teams going to Pakistan. I’m pretty sure that after the Sri Lankan attacks that no team wants to defy them. In the unfortunate truth, I don’t think there will be cricket in Pakistan for a while until the security situation improves due to the Sri Lankan attack.

  3. Pakistan is going through a tuff time, both politically and socially. Sport and specially Cricket is the nations most adorable game. Terrorism can have an impact on Pakistan Cricket but not for long. Pakistan has battled through trouble time in its history, but patients and will has determined it to succeed in all areas.

    Pakistan cricket is on the rise, terrorism attacks on Cricket in Pakistan has let the world look more closly are Pakistan Cricket and its gain more popularity.

  4. It’s hard to believe that terrorism can dictate the state of Cricket in Pakistan, at least not for long term.

    The reputation of Pakistan cricket is almost world best, and it will take much more than few bomb blasts to stop them from playing cricket at International level.

    Although I’m not a Pakistan cricket fan, I respect what they have contributed at International level and continue to do so, same goes for India and South Africa.

    Lets hope we get a good cricket show down in the next world cup.

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