Younis OFF Yousuf ON – Pakistan Cricket

Younis OFF Yousuf ON – Pakistan Cricket

Younis Khan has withdrawn from the tour of New Zealand requesting a break from cricket. This is nonsensical. Pakistan have barely broken sweat over the last two years. Younis has just won a pivotal power struggle to secure the captaincy. Pakistan require some consistency, not flip-flopping, and regular changes in leadership create inconsistency and doubt. The team needs to build its form and strategies for the big challenge of an Australian tour.

Moreover, Younis’ mixed messages have become baffling. As much as many fans believe him to be the right choice as captain, he either wants the job badly enough to stick with it through thick and thin or he should give it up. The problem for Pakistan is that there are few genuine alternatives, and the selection of Mohammad Yousuf as stand-in captain underlines Pakistan’s poverty of resources.

All the Pakistan fans who recently supported Younis against the establishment, like me, will be bemused, disappointed, and let down by his decision.



1 thought on “Younis OFF Yousuf ON – Pakistan Cricket

  1. This is the problem with Pakistan, soon as the team finds its feet something like this happens. The team is forced to start all over again.

    Performance is important, individual player level and team level too. But the most important aspect is team unity. This seemed to have been sustained until this news.

    On the flip side, Pakistan cricket is now on the rise once again. Any nation who longs to host their games know its house full all the time, which is good for local economy.

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